Friday, March 28, 2014

Pulling Strings Reference Library: Kate Jackson

Welcome to the second installment in our series of mini "reviews" of textile books from the collections of some of our favourite textile heroes, this time featuring two offerings from fragile embroidery artist Kate Jackson.  Enjoy, and keep on the look out for more posts like this one over the next few weeks leading up to our April event in connection with the Pulling Strings Reference Library!

A Handbook of Lettering for Stitchers
Elsie Svennas
Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
1973 (original copyright 1966)

The first book is small but full of amazingness... I found this book in a great used bookstore that lives inside a fantastic bed and breakfast in Durham, Ontario.   The book is full of photos of different letters of the alphabet done in a variety of stitches.  There are also some charted alphabets but the best part of the book are the last pages with each page devoted to one letter drawn in amazing fonts.  I would say it is THE go-to book for anyone wanting to stitch monograms.


Sassy Magazine
I had a subscription to the magazine as a kid...from grade 6 onwards I think...  and I recently found a box of the magazines in my moms attic.  I was super inspired by them when I was younger.  They influenced my fashion style, I learned what DIY meant and made a shirt/dress out of a pillow case as one issue suggested.  My friends and I made zines all the time I crushed over a pair of Fluvvogs pictured in the magazine for years before getting my own pair. The artsy cool independent girl vibe in this magazine is for sure somehow responsible for me wanting to be artsy cool and independent!  I remember being thankful for Sassy when I was a kid and I remember bringing it into school and showing my friends who were all reading YM and knowing that MY Sassy magazine was different and ALTERNATIVE! and waaaaaaay cooler!   Finding that box last summer and rereading them does not disappoint.  

Kate Jackson
Textile Artist
Toronto, ON

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