Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winterlore at Hamilton Winterfest 2014

Thea Haines, Blanket Fort 

Things have been a little sleepy here on the Pulling Strings blog for the last few months.  If you've been wondering what we've been up to since our last event, we were hard at work up until a few weeks ago in our respective roles for Hamilton Winterfest, a community event presented by the City of Hamilton Tourism and Culture Division that has been going strong for nearly four decades.  Jen was by and large the main brain behind this year's installment of Winterfest, I curated Winterlore, the outdoor exhibition that was part of the Winterfest kick-off event, and Thea was one of the exhibition's ten participating artists.  Her embroidered Blanket Fort (pictured above) was a beautiful and evocative tribute to the importance of warm textiles to Canadian pioneers in wintertime.

The photos below show more highlights from Winterlore and the Winterfest kick-off event.

Jacqui Oakley and Jamie Lawson, Awakening 

Tonya Hart, Phantasmagorical Nights 

 KalynDar (wearing some lovely Ukrainian-inspired accessories)

Hitoko Okada, Lotus Lantern

For more information and photos of Winterlore, take a look at the exhibition Facebook page!  Also, stay tuned for more information about our upcoming March/April event coming very soon!

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